Our Vision

The Adatptive Performance Program (A.P.P.) was designed to meet the health and physical education needs of students with multiple execeptionalities and developmental delays. A variety of health topics such as, human sexuality, conflict resolution and hygiene as well as fitness and sports activities have been modified to meet these extraordinary "APP"-lete's goals.

Since this is a unique program we strive to offer original experiences. In the past we have introduced our students to bowling, bocce ball and fishing which is usually covered by money raised through bake sales. We have also raised money to purchase our own unique gym uniforms which provides a wonderful sense of belonging to an elite "A.P.P." team.

That being said, we would welcome the opportunity to provide further experiences such as rock climbing and ice skating. It would be very helpful to supplement these costs to continue providing learning moments and keep developing our program. Any donations would be greatly appreciated.